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Therizino dilemmas

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Therizino dilemmas

Tickle attack

While riding Sky Dive, (yes I am the one who wrote the Argy chapters in the argentavis story, I also have one for a snow owl in their story section [there you will learn about Ice Crasher.], we encountered a therizinosuarus on the beach with an alpha raptor. I had my tranq arrows loaded up and I took the shot. I had luck because trees held him back from attacking me or my Argy. I died unexpectedly and returned on my emergency raft to see a wandering therizino, and a female Argy standing there eating meats from a murdered bronto. We knocked it out and my oh my Sky Dive burned calories from going back and forth getting narcotics for our green and blue six slasher. Once tamed up Sky Dive suggested a name. Seeing the delicate attack, she insisted to name the new tame โ€œTickle Fingersโ€. It became his new name and he wears it with pride.

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