Why I cheated in ark

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Why I cheated in ark

Today I finally tamed a tapejara after many failed attempts and after exploring and flying on it I decided to go to the snow biome. I flew over there and saw a big dinosaur that looked like a Rex (it was a carchar) and I tried to figure out what it was. Eventually I decided to get killed by it, see its name and quickly exit ark before it saved and load it up again before I died. So that is what i did. But when i loaded it up again turns out i saved when i died. So i had to get on my raft to go over there again. I was annoyed at this point so I decided to make this quick and bring my best dinos with saddles and load them onto my raft. I took my baryonx, my sarco, my raptor, and my tek parasaur (the only reason I brought my tek parasaur is because it can scan the area for enimies). It took me 30 minutes to get there because I live in between the red and green obelisks on a peninsula on the coast. When I got there I decided to take my dinosaurs one at a time. The first dinosaur that I took was my t e k parasaur. After avoiding all of the Hostile animals except for one Pig which jumped off of a mountain and died of fall damage I made it to where I died. I had to get off my parasaur and sneak to my Dead Body because the carchar was still near my dead body. I finally got all my items and all I had to do was get my tapajira and fly back to my raft and sail home. But unfortunately my tapajara was too far to hear my whistle so I could not get it down I tried to go on top of the mountain I was about to jump down but I didn't have any clothes on so I died of cold. I respond back in my raft and took my Raptor and try to find out where I died but for some reason the game glitched and it didn't show a death Beacon where I died I don't know if this is because I died of cold but either way there was no death Beacon. So I try to find my parasaur and then I will find my dead body but I couldn't find my parasaur either and I was about to die of cold again so as a last ditch effort I looked up cheat codes to see if I can get myself out of this situation. I got myself a fursuit but since it was night time it was so cold the first you didn't help so I turned on God mode made myself invisible to enemies and gave myself Max stats but even then I still couldn't find my dead body so I decided to turn off all the cheats feeling ashamed of what I did and I got chased the side of a mountain and I jumped off and landed in the water. Since I am level 60 and I live on a peninsula there's no good resources near me so I don't have anything that can pinpoint my location besides trying to mathematically figure out where I am on my map so I just go with my gut and I start swimming to the right turns out but my raft was to the left and I was swimming in the complete opposite direction. So I killed myself and respond on my raft because I built a giant house on my raft and I have a bed in there as well as a giant room for about four dinosaurs to fit in. So I decided enough is enough and I cheated in an assault rifle and chitin armor. But the armor wasn't keeping me warm enough and I didn't really want to cheat more armor in so I decided to cheat in tapajara and I would just be happy with that. But when I cheated again it had a t e k saddle and was level 220. So I decided to use it to fly up and go get my other tapajara so that's what I did. I flew over there I got my stuff back and I got my tapajara to follow me. As recompense for all the cheating that I did I decided to leave behind my parasaur and kill my Raptor with fall damage. And right now I am flying my tapajara home. 1 like equals 1 f for the two hours I spent trying to get my stuff and dinosaurs back.

Tldr: I lost all of my stuff on accident and cheated to get it back but I felt sorry and sacrificed two of my dinos to the ark Gods

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