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Part1Ok so I was flying around on my agentavis and I saw…

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Part1Ok so I was flying around on my agentavis and I saw two tapeharas that Spawned near my base one was a brightly colored male with pinks and blues the other was a dark colored female with blacks and greys I decided to go for the female even tho I liked the males colors more mainly because it was a female and I can get tapehara eggs but also it was a higher level I waited for it to land once it did i snuck up behind the female and scared it I threw the bola quickly but missed and she got away a was wondering why it got scared so quickly then I remembered me ghille suit broke so a quick trip to the snow biome later and I made myself three new ghille suits then I went after the male I snuck up behind him and threw my bola and I did it he was bola I quickly tranqed him and out food in his inventory I surrounded him with spike walls to keep him safe but I didn’t have enough so there was a small hole in it a minute later a raptor comes and kills my tapehara I got my pike out and killed it

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