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The stego heavy plate is very useful for taming as well as tribe warfare, the slowing effect seems to scale with its attack damage (my stego seems to slow down creatures more now that I’ve upgraded it’s melee damage a lot) . It’s most useful in what I call “miniboss scenarios”, wherein you and maybe some tribe mates and tames are all grouped around one enemy. For taming, I recommend setting your stego to passive, then hitting once with the heavy plate to slow the Dino, which for faster knockout tames like raptors, carnos, gallimimus, and others it will not only negate their advantage but also give you time to place bear traps or bola a particularly evasive creature. In tribe warfare, you can single hit with heavy plate then have an alternate stego(s) with sharpened plate or hardened plate move in for the kill once the enemy is slowed. Hope this helped!

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