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have a female rex and a male spino, the rex was lvl 25 when I found her and after taming she was lvl 30 and had 2k+ hp without any upgrades, my spino is the 2nd one I found and is lvl 2, the first one I found was a lvl 17 female and a she just ran away cus of torpor and attacking others creatures, but after taming my spino it had 700 hp and abt 175% dmg while my rex had abt 200% dmg when tamed now my rex is lvl 47 and the spino is now lvl 5. they were both extremely difficult to k.o, the rex took abt 50 tranq arrows and the spino took 20~40 darts but the spino took abt 1.5 ingame days to tame since you have to use fish, while the rex took half of the day to tame, I used reg and prime meat to tame both as I had to go get it while they were k.o but I feel like taming the spino wasn't worth it tho, was it worth taming?


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