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People think “stats this stats that Rex better than spino”

No get it together idiots

Spinos are way better than rexes cause… well people have already said why and I don’t feel like ripping off of them so I’m just gonna add to them

1: spinos are better for the overseer boss fight cause they are faster

2: spinos are smarter than Rex cause Rex has attention span of a nat

3: spinos are faster than Rex and can easily breeze through animals unlike rexs who would get wrecked

4: spinos can collect raw prime fish meat better

5: spinos are better imprinted than rexes (I 100% imprinted a Rex and a spino) both level one I made rex fight spino and spino won

6: spinos have knockback, rexes don’t

7: spinos don’t waste time roaring before every fight they do



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