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Your Ark Guide; Noobs and Pros: Spinosaurus.


Encountering: Spinosaurus aquarliga is a dangerous creature, almost more dangerous than a rex. If you encounter one on the wild and you are unarmed, or you have just started the game, I suggest you run. If you just started and are planning on making your base near a spino, find a new area to build your base. If you are unarmed, avoid the the spino and run away. Spinos also have an ability to change from four legs to two legs. On two legs, they're taller and have stronger attacks, but slower. On four legs, They're faster and smaller, but have weaker attacks. They're also territorial, not aggresive.

Killing: To kill a spino, get a longneck rifle or long range weapon, (reccomending assault rifle or longneck rifle) and stand on a tall, steep cliff. Hit the spino and it will run up the cliff, but eventully get stuck. Keep hitting it until it's dead. If you want more meat, harvest with a metal pick. If you want more hide, harvest with a metal hatchet.

Taming: I reccomend looking for a leed with an icthy, but if none are availible, use 100 narcotic and 21 bio toxin for a lvl 9. Bring around 40 fish meat, too. If you can, use a longneck rifle with tranq darts, but if that's not avalible, use a bow with tranq arrows. Get up on a high cliff and hit it once. Once it notices you, it should run up and get stuck. It may bite, or slash, but it doesn't matter. It can't hit you. Once it's high on torpor, if you are in focus, go out of focus, so you can run after it. Keep hitting it, when it starts to run away it's high on torpor, so it'll be down in around 3 hits, for a lvl 9. Note: Don't knock it out in water, they DO have an oxygen stat. Once it's unconsious, if you're taming it with prime fish meat, it'll tame quickly. If you're taming it with bio toxin and narcotic and reg fish, it's longer. Give it the fish meat, and once it goes an 8th of the way down, feed it 6 narcotic and one bio toxin. Repeat until it's tamed.

Uses: Spino's are great battle creatures, and in my opinion, are better than rexes. Their quadruped and biped stances are great for battle. Owning two is great for bringing down creatures, and can demolish alpha raptors. Also, when bringing out spino's for battle, you may notice trike's will glow red. They do this whenever there is a spino or rex in the area, even if the spino or rex is tamed. I'm not sure if tamed trikes do this with tamed spinos and wild spinos. Spino's are great for bringing down brontos, too. Spino's do get an underwater buff when their in water up to mid body and higher. It lasts 30 seconds out of water.

That concludes this Ark guide for noobs and pros, Spinosaurus. Please ^ if this helped you!

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