Genesis X-Spinos are worth the tame. They are like Bog Rexes that can swim. If you try to tame it, be careful to build a trap higher than normal Dino gates made of stone with a ramp on one side. This Dino needs Behemoth gates to fit through them, so anything smaller than that, but a bit larger than a Dino gate will do. Had one get stuck in my standard Dino gate trap, but it jumped out once itโ€™s torpor got high and it found an area of gate that wasnโ€™t perfectly level with the others and jumped right over and ran off. Taming with standard gates is possible, only if they are perfectly level with each other. Having a trap made of stone fence supports and door frames stacked super high will make escape impossible. Pillars work too, but make sure it canโ€™t slip through them.

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