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Seems to be quite rare but still carry some aggeravic shroom around when your in the bioluminescence zone(the place on abberation with the shiny blue trees)so you can tame any you come across tame a male and female and you can breed them ⚠️when the baby is born you are required to cover you eyes for a few seconds so your brain can adjust to the cuteness or your eyeballs will blow up and your brain will vapourize! So be warned but do remember to feed the newborn (with full hazard suit on to stop dangerous levels of adorabletol getting into your brain and causing fatal neural damage) then once it gets to juvenile the adorabletol levels start to drop a tiny bit so you can look at it and touch it with no hazard suit on but still be careful not to make direct eye contact, the adorabletol lingers in the shinehorns eyes and can make your head dissolve in seconds. Then once it gets to adolescent it should be safe to look into it's eyes as long as you keep a hazard suit on, when it's adult it i

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