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How to escape a Sarco:

1. If you see one, run. If you want to tame it, don’t ask me.

2. If it sees you, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT run into water, or die.

3. Go into a forest or far away from water and if it’s still following then run to a trike, carboneys (turtle dino with spiky shell and is very cute), or whatever else you find.

4. (If you’re a coward.) Get as far away as possible.

5. (If you are this brave.) Get a good distance away and watch the battle.

6. If it’s dead, scoop up all the loot and be on your way. If not, repeat from instruction 3.

7. Put your stuff in a storage box or something because sometimes there’s someone watching you…

Hope you enjoyed the tip. Listen to the tips. That’s how I found out I could tame raptors. :)

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