I had three of these guys: Gar, Mokele, and Bakunawa.

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I had three of these guys: Gar, Mokele, and Bakunawa. Gar is named after the alligator gar, Mokele after an African river monster, and Baku after an Indian River monster. Baku was my steed, and he and I survived the perils of the southern plains river, multiple trips to herbivore island, and numerous laps around the entirety of the south. Baku and I were gathering hide to craft a saddle for my newly-tamed spino Makara. I was a little ways away from Baku when I became aware that a thera had wandered straight into him. Their fight was fierce, and I helped Baku with my crossbow. But we were no match. The thera slew myself and then my friend. I swam home full of cold fury, and decided to harvest Baku’s hide so that HE could be Makara’s saddle and have his revenge. Astride my water dragon I tore that thera to pieces, and another one besides I saw across the river. Perhaps I will tame a thera one day, but now I have only hatred for them. Hunt in the river of the stars Baku. You are avenged.

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