I’ve set up shop at Brawler’s Bay, a beautiful area…

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I’ve set up shop at Brawler’s Bay, a beautiful area boasting a double-tiered waterfall and a small bay filled with vibrant coral. The northernmost section of the Western Coast of the Island, Brawler’s Bay borders the Whitesky Peak and the Western Plains.

I decided to take my basilo Slick for his first dive just off the coast. I killed around six sharks and a couple swarms of jellyfish in the bay and then dove into the kelp. I hadn’t been in the deep for more than a minute or two, when what did I spy swimming directly below me but the unicorn of the sea.

The Lio tried attacking me but did no damage, and I swam away from it hoping to escape its interest. I ran right into a pack of eels and killed them quickly, but the Lio swam right in the way and got bit as well. The water swirled around it in a bright whirlpool and the creature vanished without a trace.

Shocked, I swam around a little longer but decided to head for home when I found I was sharing the sea with an alpha shark and a massive tuso.

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