One day gigabite was hanging with here boyfriend the…

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One day gigabite was hanging with here boyfriend the terminator they had 3 children and a happy life eating salmon and trikes there children had now grown up and there newest child named hailstorm was mutated he looked amazing but no one respected it and got teased a lot.

One day they could here a roar but just thought it was a Carno then out of the Forrest came an Alfa Rex charging toward them gigabite fought for all she was worth soon the terminator came to help 2of the children went to help and the other escaped with hailstorm to herbivore island on the way the child was killed by jellyfish but hailstorm made it there he was imprinted and grew up to be big and strong soon he returned to his old land to see the Rex eating his family the rage ran through him but he hung back.... to be continued up if you want me to do more if I get 50 I will make chapter 2.

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