My copper colored sarco named Copperhead(like the bullet)…

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My copper colored sarco named Copperhead(like the bullet) was tamed within a couple minutes, he swam out of the swamp bloody and almost dead. I saved his life and he hasn't left my side since. Copperhead was a level 130 when I tamed him, and one day he fell in love with a wild level 60 female. So I tamed her and named her Marina. They were happy, they had a baby boy and that's all they needed. Until one day, spinos attacked, Marina lunged at them fighting with all the force in her body, I had to get Copperhead and his sin out of there, it was gruesome. Their son had to watch his mother sacrifice herself for her husband, son, and other dino friends. I found Copperhead a new GF, a level 120, but things aren't the same. I imprinted on the baby sarco, he grew up to be stronger than his father. I swam him to the old base where Marina was killed, and the 2 spinos were still there, we killed them both with no regrets and all the rage. I named him HollowPoint(like the bullet). Hollowpoint still crys at night, but he avenged his mothers death, and Copperhead has finally moved on.

R.I.P Marina,

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