One dark day I was riding my sarco I named him tamasee7o I…

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One dark day I was riding my sarco I named him tamasee7o I was going through the ocean I saw some jellyfish or cniadra they followed me I tried to run but still I needed some bio toxin I killed some cniadras with my arrows there was a few I tried to fight with my sarco it shocked me I took of my sarco but I revenged I killed all cniadras then one day I was flying my pteranodon trying to tame raptors then I found him on the beach starving his health was low (his food was full and his health but you know for the drama) I took him home but I tame a Kapro and a another sarco but I was very bonded with tamasee7o that I did not make the saddle for the other sarco we killed some trikes we got through the ocean we got back home but I found some cniadras that when I was going through a lake with my stego they killed him then fire in my mind began to blow I killed all cniadras then I got back home. And this is the end thank you for reading and for your time bye bye I have a whole bunch of stories if you want it like this story

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