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I learned a lesson from this thing - Don’t go out at…

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I learned a lesson from this thing - Don’t go out at night to get a drink of water if you live in the Dino age.

Me and my friends live on a raft, it was half-stone half-wood at the time. I went outside to get a drink of water, it was pitch black, but I didn’t think to take out my torch, for I was right next to the water. Boy did I regret that.

I got my drink of water and headed back in the raft, I heard footsteps behind me in the water, I figured it was a Dodo or something. I was in the raft when I decided to kill the “Dodo”. Took out my torch and turned back towards the door.

I almost had a heart attack, staring back at me was a Sarco. I shrieked and my friend asked what was wrong-I just shut the door and raced to drive the raft away. It started attacking the raft. He asked what it was and I opened the window, there was a fish. He told me it was just a fish. Then he looked into his inventory, the Sarco glitched through the wall and grabbed my friend. The End.

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