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In PvE you can't carry untamed Dino's, which makes taming slightly more difficult. It's recommended to have a high level Dino, whether land or air, to help protect your KO'd saber.

Once you find a saber in which you want to tame, use a weak ranged weapon to lure it to attack you. I'm sure if you are taming you know regions where certain Dino's spawn. You will want to lure your saber to the most passive area as close to you as possible.

Once you have your saber in a region you feel safe in grab a rifle and aim for the head (with tranq darts of course) as kill rates with most all methods are too high to risk it.

You will NOT require any narcs as the sabers torpor decreases very slowly. You can use the calculators and timers on Here to let you know when to feed your saber.

Alt method:

Build a small 1 square hut that you can lure the saber inside of (I recommend at least stone), once the saber is KO inside close it up with the food in its inventory. ~Hawk

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