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So if you're taming one of these for chitin hear me out. Best farming spots are caves, if you're on a new server or single player, tame an argie first so getting these boys will be super easy, just make a 2x2 w/ window frames around it, grab a Saber w/ the argie and drop it in and there you have it. Once tamed, bring them back to base and once you have it's saddle, make it punch as many trees as you can so it quickly boosts to a high-decent level (try min. 70~80), grab as much food and arrows/bullets depending on what weapon you use (I recommend crossbows since the Saber will do the job), grab the Saber w/ the argie and head to a cave, from there set your argie to guard the entrance and go farm chitin like crazy inside the cave, since a level 70+ Saber shreds everything in pieces, one slap and it harvests loads of chitin from scorpions and spiders, once you have enough chitin, go back to the entrance, put the chitin on the argie, head back, rinse and repeat till how deep you can go in the cave (quick tip: if you're afraid for your argie, just leave it mid air) 100% approved by Joe BidenπŸ“Œ

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