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These guys should have a TLC. Like seriously, they have those giant theeth and only one attack? It would be good if they had like a "forward jump that pins you down while they shred you with their massive theeth" kind of thing, don't you think? Because I don't see any real use of them - caving? Bring a bary.

- All around mount? Thyla beats him.

- And the dire wolf is slightly

better in every aspect *plus* the

pack bonus and their sniffing

ability gives them quite the


I'm probably missing something but I wouldn't recommend taming them if you don't live in the snow area because of the risk of going all the way to north for this not that usefull mount. I tamed one and i haven't found a use for him since then. Imprint a Raptor or tame a dire wolf instead. It's not worth your time.

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