Part 15 of No Ordinary Cat. Hope you like it!

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Part 15 of No Ordinary Cat. Hope you like it!

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“Hey, I’ve been eating your food, but I don’t even have the honor to know such a great cook’s name yet.” Silence for a few seconds. “Oh, me? I’m Goose.” I hadn’t noticed it before, but his hair was completely gray. I set my meat down. I looked at him skeptically and cupped my ears, “Did you say… Goose?”

I woke up. Ok, I thought, now I’m freaked out. I try to skip a part of my life by sleeping, and I have two dreams that are 100% trying to tell me something important. This is insane. First the mutant me, and now me and Goose are humans.

This is when I realize that now that I’m awake, I might as well go and see if my owners are home. I went to the door, reached a high as I could, and pawed at the knob. Cmon, give way, I thought, I’ve done this before, but it’s tricky.

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