Part 8.

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Part 8. I’m posting a little late at night, and a little tired... I wanted to give you guys a little background. I am one of the characters in this tale, and he is skeptical. Try to guess who I am... let me know who you think it is...

Up for more! 😴

“Hey lil’ guy,” she said “Aren’t you excited!”

Audrey barked to remind everyone she was supposed to be the center of attention. “ And you too,” she said as she scratched Audrey’s head, and walked by. Alright, sometimes being conquered by a dog is annoying, especially in the world of cuteness. I strutted by. As usual, Audrey was upset. She tried to bite my tail, but I countered it with a quick spin and bat. Not with my claws though. I would never intentionally hurt another animal. Even Audrey when she thinks she’s queen of the house. I headed back to the stairs, only to find that I’m blocked by John at the top. “Hey buddy!” He said as he scratched my head once more and walked to see Nancy.

Continued in part 9 in the next tip 💤

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