Hey guys, part 12 of No Ordinary Cat.

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Hey guys, part 12 of No Ordinary Cat. Just informing you, I am selling these, so all you guys who have Dododex and are getting it free are all lucky. This is copyrighted. Don’t even think about it...

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. I was riding on the back of a humongous turtle as it glides through the water. I jumped in and found sharks. Wait… I surfaced again, this isn’t what I think it is. I surveyed my surroundings. Ark? I looked at my paws, only to find that they were human hands. I felt something rough brush against my newly human legs. How can I feel all of this! It’s a dream! I tried to swim to shore, thinking of how the humans swim in movies and T.V. Maybe this really is Ark. There it was again, a rough brush against my legs. The sharks. I felt something, something strange. It was as though I could feel my health bar deplete. What now? I accept my fate? I keep trying? I decided to do the brave thing. I kept swimming, kept trying. My newfound muscles ached.

Continued in part 13...

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