Hey guys. Part nine... *sarcastically* whoop.

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Hey guys. Part nine... *sarcastically* whoop.

Send your guesses for who I am in the tips... whoever gets it right gets an invite to my tribe and server in ark! Yeah, if anyone reads this and enjoys it, your finally getting some rewards.

I went downstairs, skipped three steps at the bottom and hopped on the couch. Gavin was on a hunt with a… what was it? Pangar? Boreus? Whatever. He was using a sword, as per usual. I was bored. All I want to do is play Ark, I thought, When is this guy going to stop! Having my luck, he probably wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Footsteps approached. John was coming back. Yes, I thought, John will help Gavin, and then he’ll be done! Then I remembered, oh yeah, the house needs to be empty for me to play. I need a nap. Hopefully when I wake up he will be done, and the house will be empty. I shouted and clawed at the porch door. I heard Gavin coming up the stairs. He let me on the porch and closed the door behind me.

Continued in part ten.

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