Part six in the thrilling story of tittles.

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Part six in the thrilling story of tittles.

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In my hurry, I had forgotten to turn the T.V and the Xbox off. I ran to the controller, switched show password protected back on, and logged into my owners server so that it was yellow. I turned the Xbox and T.V off just as my owner got to the stairs.

The first to reach my sight I believe is named John. He reached the bottom of the stairs just as another got to the top. He came down at full speed, smiling a large smile. Every time this happens, I have to try to not let my hair stand on end. I knew they were both going to play. Did I log off correctly? I asked myself. I was going through everything I could’ve missed. Uh- oh, I thought, having made the biggest mistake of my life. The pink controller is still on my lap. I rolled over as fast as I could to get rid of the evidence.

Continued in part 7 in the next tip.

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