Part five of the story

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Part five of the story

My apologies for mistaking posting that the next one was four twice.

They aren’t both three, one is three, and one is four.

You guys can figure it out, right?

Remember to up for more :)

I picked up the controller, and squeezed it as I moved my character back into the house, and promptly rage quit. I ran upstairs shouting. Maybe some T.V will help my mood. I hopped onto the living room table, and grabbed the T.V controller In my mouth. I leaped over to the couch, climbed onto the booster seat of pillows, and switched on the T.V. It was on Animal Planet, complements of Audrey. I hit “input” and then down arrow, and “ok.” H.D.M.I 2. Down, down, down, I thought as I scrolled down. Ok, Hulu. I selected Gavin’s account, one of my owners’. I went to “continue watching,” and selected “Gravity Falls” just as Stormy shouted “Mayday, mayday!”

I quickly turned off the T.V, and ran downstairs.

Continued in part six in the next tip.

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