(The rise of BearGlow) (Chapter 1)

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(The rise of BearGlow) (Chapter 1)

BearGlow raced to catch the the Raptor he had almost taken out. He jumped on it's back killing it in one swift bite. "Well BearGlow. Your geting good at hunting!" StormStrike said. "Aww. Your the best mate a Saborthooth could have!" He said blushing "We better get a move on. The cloulds look like there coming our way." StormStrike added "Yeah we should" He said looking up. They traved for a day then decided to take a break. "It's gonna take a while to get home." BearGlow said angrly. "It will be one more day about then we'll be home." StormStrike said to keep BearGlow's mind off of things. The next day while they were traveling BearGlow saw some thing he hadn't in years! A human.

If I get 10 likes then I will make another chapter📤

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