(The rise of BearGlow) (Chapter 1)

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(The rise of BearGlow) (Chapter 1)

He charged at the Raptor killing it in one swift bite. His mate StormStrike had come later to see what he had killed. “Well your getting quite good at hunting!” StormStrike said pleased. “Your the best mate a Saborthooth could have!” Bear glow exclaimed. They ate then they headed of to go to the beach. BearGlow could make out a shape that he had not seen in ages. A human!

He charged pining the human down but another one had shot him with a dart to knock him out. His mate trued to get the other one but she got shot to. BearGlow felt his strength seeping away. His mate had already fallen asleep. He closed his eyes. He trued to stay awake but he could not.

If I get 10 likes I will write another chapter of The Rise of BearGlow⬆️

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