Warning, Large blocks of text. There’s a TLDR at the bottom incase you need that. Enjoy!

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Warning, Large blocks of text. There’s a TLDR at the bottom incase you need that. Enjoy!

So I recently got back into playing the game, and went onto the server I had the most progress in. The only two dinos of mine that lived were my giga, Ruby, & my Eery Spino, Peridot. I had a ton of Eery back then, as well as two griffins, so I was a bit bummed out. So, I decided to try and tame a new griffin.

This was such a pain.

I remade a rifle and some darts, got some narcotics, and flew off on a Argy named Blueberry. I then flew to Far’s Peak. From past experiences, I didn’t want to go there, but had no other choice since Griffins don’t spawn often anywhere else. So there I was at Far’s Peak, ready to tame a Griffin. First one I found, I knocked out somewhat easily. Pretty sure it was a level 5 or something, Can’t remember the name. Basically, I did some babysitting with it, until I realized something: I wasn’t going to have enough narcs. I had only used a 3x balm on it, plus allo kibble. So, I proceeded to go to the forest and farm some narcoberries. Now here’s my biggest mistake: I did this at sunset. As we all know, Nighttime in ark is horrendous, and it’s very hard to see. Went back to the mountain, couldn’t find it. I spent about 20 or so minutes looking for it. Eventually, I gave up and went to tame a new one. That’s where I made another mistake. Found a level 2 named Morthena I believe, which I knocked easily. But remember how I said I was low on narcs? Yeah, I still was. I only had 80 now. See, I ran out of darts and had to result to Tranq arrows, hence I had to craft some. You can then guess what all happened there.

But, Eventually, I was actually prepared. The Tribe Owner helped me out by farming some Bio toxin, while we also made much more darts and narcs. I also had a 10x balm now, so I was ready. It did take a while because I was using a Argy and no trap, but I knocked out a griffin level 2, named Mornissa. From there, Everything went well! So yeah, that’s the story of how I got Mornissa. Now, It’s the hunt to find a male with the same surname, aha...

TLDR; Failed at taking griffins because I was low on narcs, eventually named one named Mornissa, level 2.

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