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Heres my way of taming it. It's super easy and you don't have to worry of a rock htting youor your cannon or the golem possibly escaping. If you place a metal Gate down and two more on both sides of the first Gate(at a 45° angle) and two more on each side(90° from the first Gate) you get like a wide "u" shape opened cage. Break the gate you first placed and then place a cannon on a metal foundation a good distance away from the cage opening. I've never tried using just one but place two metal gates(it can't damage them with the rock) in front of the cannon at least what would be a foundation or two away. Lead the golem in the cage and run through the two gates(so the golem doesn't turn) to your cannon, aim for its head and fire when ready. If it disguises again, then shoot it with some projectile where the cannon is and continue. Don't go back to the golem because you either might get hit, or move the position it was in

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