Hi, Looking to try to tame one of these? Great idea! In this tip is what I would recommend bringing, it’s entirely your choice what you want to use! :D Now, the first thing to pack is a cannon and at least 50 cannonballs (I suggest bringing an extra cannon!) Next simply a foundation of any type, as the first thing the rock golem will hit is the cannon, whatever is underneath it is safe! And finnaly taming food! This would normally be where I state the narcotics needed, but this creatures torpor would take days just to wake up! I’m pretty sure they like extraordinary kibble! And I would recommend bringing kibble, as taming it with anything else could take days! And this one is optional but I would also recommend bringing at least 5 metal gateways for a trap! Now that your all ready (assuming you packed armor and regularly used weapons of your choice) for the knockout process! These guys are disguised as rocks, they are very easy to distinguish because of the way off in color of its disguise, compared to the natural rock formations around it, it will also if you have a spyglass confirm whether it’s a rock golem or not! Ghillie is recommended if you plan to trap it! Equip ghillie and go prone, now you are basically invisible to the golem, you can safely place the metal gates arround it with ease! Once complete feel free to get up and walk around! Next place the foundation and the cannon far enough away to where it can’t hit it, (other than the rock throw) and to the point where you can shoot it easily! Now VERY carefully shoot for the head of the golem, as the closer to the middle of the face you get, the less damage the golem will take, and the more torpor it will gain! Missing after a confirmed headshot is completely fine, as it will take hours for the torpor inflicted with one cannon ball to completely drain so take your time and cleanly make your shots! This knockout process is optional if you have something else in mind feel free to give it a shot! Once it’s finnaly unconscious (witch I would consider a feat in and of itself) it’s time to start the taming process, it’s just one step then wait for it to tame, just put the kibble in its inventory and go do something else until it tames! Now you have yourself a sturdy and tanky tame! Here’s some info on what they are commonly used for; Pvp In this game mode this is a GREAT and effective way of soaking turret damage, also in this case they are a walking catapult, they can throw rocks and do about the same dmg as a catapult! Pve, great base defenders as they can like in pvp, soak a lot of dmg before needing to heal! If encumbered it will use its rock throw unless close enough range to use it’s melee attacks! This guy eats stone or other natural minerals, crystals, obsidian, metal, Etc. I hope this tip helped, happy taming, and Take care!!

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