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HOW TO STOP THEM: u can either build some sort of cage u trap them in, or u make them get stuck between some big rocks while they are chasing u;

HOW THO KNOCK THEM OUT: u can place a CANNON (most Torpo if HEADSHOT -> u will see them shake their head if u hit the right spot -> animation!) on a paracer (first platform&foundation) and then try shooting them while they chase u -> big ammo waste as if u will not hit them while moving!; best way is to trap them, so u can even place a stationaire cannon next to the cage/trap wich makes it easier to releoad and store cannonballs directly next to the cannon, but still be aware of thrown boulders by the elemtal as they do a lot of damage -> build some kind of defense wall to avoid getting hit!

now with the right aimed cannon (i suggest at leats 3 walls of hight to place them) and the right timing u should knock them out pretty easy...

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