If you ever see one and it sees you here's how you tame and stun it

So there's a glitch in both games where there's a rock glitch

The rock glitch works like this

1st you find a rock

Make sure you can't sprint or walk up the rock

Make sure you can easily jump up and climb the rock

Look for something you want to tame

Get club ( clubs are harder or extreme mode to tame) or tanq ( easy mode) or anything you can use to kill

Find the rex then run up the rock ( PS: this works for any other animal including spinos)

The rex shouldn't be able to run up the rock so you can safely hit him or shoot him also melee is impossible any melee weapon is dangerous and I suggest you don't use them (why: they can still hit you and when they do you get knocked off the rock and have to run) also make sure the rock is big and tall or else they can walk on it

Pt 2 coming at 50 ups

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