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How to tame a Rex:

The rex is a large predator, it is moderately fast but is tanky and does some real damage. It is mostly found on non-snow mountains, excluding white sky peak and frozen fang. It spawns after you clear its kins, so you can go around killing low level Rexes and wait for high levels.

How to tame:

200 tranq arrows will be enough, but I bring 300 just in case I find something else(u never find what you’re looking for in ark).

No narcotics bc Rexes tames are pure wait but bring it loads of prime. Have cooked prime just in case but have narcs if you tame on cooked prime or worse.

Method 1 safari tame

A 130% speed and around 300 health some levels in stam as well.

U just run, and turn and shoot. When it is catching up, circle it as they have abysmal turn radius. Just don’t get hit and repeat the procedure. A pt is good as you fly away when the Rex is close and land and shoot when it is farther.

Method 2 trap

Bring 4 stone dino gateframes and 2 LARGE bear traps.

Make a I_| shape with the gateframes and place the traps in the middle.

Use a flyer to lure the Rex in and quickly place another gateframe in the opening so that is is a cube O shape. The Rex is trapped.

After you knock it out, place a simple bed and sleep. Starve your tame!!!!!! Get prime in the process and when the timer ends shove about 50 prime meat down its throat(less if its low level use Dododex)

Uses: Tank

Harvest: gets tons of meat hide and prime

Boss Dino

Army: very tanky and does great dmg.

Have creative ways to use your Rex such as taming tanks.

Hope you enjoy your Rex!

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