Welcom to my Dino danger series ok btw the chapters will all be on rex

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Welcom to my Dino danger series ok btw the chapters will all be on rex

Chapter one what the frickin heck is that

John woke up with a burning headache. He looked around and saw a Jem on his wrist. He tried to scratch it off but it wouldn’t budge. Then he saw something in the water then boom a giant crocodile bit him and locked his jaw. Then a giant shark came out of nowhere and bit the crocodiles neck. the crock let go and yelped in pain as it got pulled into the water.John then as he limped to a bush saw a weird bird he sat down next to the bush still bleeding. The weird bird had a beak that was quite big John called the species dodo and named the specific dodo Daren. Then after giving Daren a couple of berries he noticed his wounds were gone. And he got up and before going he saw one more berry on the bush. It was dark blue he ate it. After a couple of minutes of traveling he felt dizzy and fell down Daren started shrieking. He woke up in a small cage with Daren in the cage next to him. They were in some sort of coliseum. Two men with spears threw him in the center of it a man siting on a chair said “you entered the night tribes territory you must pay John trued to speak but he couldn’t then a giant gate opened and John couldn’t bear what he saw…

That’s it for chapter one chapters will come out every Monday

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