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Wanna tame this dangerous nugget? Here’s how to! As with everything, you will need supplies, I recommend tranq darts, but arrows work just fine as well! Pack at least 100 tranq arrows, or 50 tranq darts as well as a extra tranqing weapon, pack at least 50/80 narcotics, anything between there should be good for a decent leveled rex, max levels should take 140 narcs or toxin, toxin is more affective but might be hard to come by! Now the taming food, very clearly this is a meat eating dinosaur, the best meat for it will be prime or mutton, exceptional kibble works great too! :D Next, Use a flying mount ( if you have one! ) and fly arround! They spawn on almost every map, and are pretty easy to find if your looking in the right place, they like almost every environment I can name a few maps as well as they’re common spawn points! Valguero, they spawn near beaver lake, look up at the green obelisk and to your left should be a moderately dense forest, there should also be a hill with crystals, below this hill is a common spawn point for both Rex’s and Tek Rex! The island, the spawn point for the islands rex is kinda simple, they like the arctic, as well as mountains, anywhere arround there should be some! Lost island, they also like the arctic! Anyway I’ll stop rambling on about maps and get to the point! Ok so theres a simple way to tame these beasts! Since The Tyrannosaurus rex wasn’t capable of running, it was limited to just brisk walking, meaning they aren’t very fast, although being chased might seem like a diffrent story, all you need to be able to outrun one is just 3 points in speed I’m pretty sure! The reason you need to be able to out run one, to tame one is because u don’t need a trap if the Dino you are trying to tame is slow, you just have to be smart, however it’s completely up to you, There are quite a few ways to tame this, I can name a few, Trapping, this is a aggravating task if the Rex doesn’t want to enter the trap, if you are a low level, a trap would be recommended, a Rex trap should be stoned dinosaur gates and gateways, It would also be recommended to have 1/2 large beartraps so it doesn’t get out the trap should look like a like a square with one missing side facing the Rex, this is where the Rex will enter the trap place bear traps near the side opposite of the missing side, this is because when the Rex follows you to the trap, you guide it until u have it almost perfectly aligned to the missing side of the trap, then run arround the trap to the opposite side of the missing gateway, once the Rex gets stuck on the bear trap you quickly run behind the Rex to the missing gate way and very carefully but swiftly place the gate and gateway down! Then tranq it, it will not break out of this trap I don’t think! 2 the open playfield! This is a easy knockout if you have armor and moderately quick, it’s a pretty simple technique, you just have to be smarter than the creature! This involves you running arround with a ranged tranqing weapon with a Rex following you, it’s just Run then shoot, and repeat until it starts running then you chase it and shoot! And 3 easy knockout! Just lead it into a lot of tough terrain so it can’t get to you but you can still tranq it >:D The Higher level the Rex the better! Now the taming, there torpor goes down very slow compared to the other Apex predators of the ark, the best taming food for rex would be kibble, mutton, or prime! They take about 10 to 20 minutes to tame if ur feeling anxious feel free to stuff it with narcs and put spikes arround it and go do something else! You tamed yourself a Well known apex predator! What’s it good for? Well they are amazing tames, and one of best apex predator for boss battles! Amazing for they’re damage per bite, and health! They can also roar stunning small creatures stiff, while the medium sized dinos run for they’re life’s, it can also stun enemy players in pvp or pvx, they can carry a decent amount of weight, and can… somehow “run?” That’s quite a feat for a Rex but once tamed they can sprint! Gather a few of these to breed bring a yuty or two on the team and you got yourself a boss slaying team! >:D thanks for the support, Happy taming! And take care!

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