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He chomps

He stompp

But best of all

He popp ur bacc

You’re nothing but a snacc

So he give whacc

So don’t give him smacc

Unless your fate is to become thicc kebobb

So he can lost him apex jobb

Crying in a stupid cryopodd

Not trying to sound wrongg

But maybe he need cheering up giga songg

Or maybe a sweet drum bongg

Or maybe he’s cold and lonelyy

Or could be or just really soldlyy

But he’s a sad rexx

So reunite him with his exx

So they can have se- stufff

As if hatching the egg wasn’t enoughh

Feed the baby cuz he ain’t so toughh

Ride the adult child into big fightt

Still better than Fortnitee

Could had a TLC that gave him lighting smitee

Now tame a rex tonightt

Or I will steal your gig-

Wait what was I talking about?

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