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Everyone says how good the Rex is. And yeah. I'm gonna suck this guy off too. The Rex is basically ARK's right of passage of you want to defeat the bosses and get to the fancy Tek. If there was a tier list for ARK's creatures from S to F, I would have to make a God tier for it and some other dinos. However, I am gonna stop saying my praise there. Despite all the good in the Rex, I feel as if it is the most... generic of the apexes. It has a huge health pool, but the Giga's is larger. It is decently fast and does alot of damage, but the Spino does more damage, and is faster and more agile. The Rex has its pooplock roar, but the Yuty has its fear and courage roars. Now, this isn't me hating on the Rex. I love it as much as the next guy. But I feel as if it needs to step out of the spotlight for a bit to give others the chance to shine.

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