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Once i had a big bad azz rex. I was hunting for prime meat and super rare raw mutton ( this is couple years ago maybe more) me and my tribe mate tamed it alone we raised him good with big stats, anyway I got ambushed by some guys in north, we manage to kill them with the help of our Alliance and be on our way , my tribe got back to base on a flyer and I was going to walk with the rex, got attacked by a tery and guess what , 3 seconds in the battle and got crash back there the game was so unstable, it was a mess . I relog and saw that sec killed the tery, well done. We got on to search for it but it was gone ..no trace , nothing . We tried to wistle randomly flying around the spot and going on large area of map trying to find it, nothing. Guess what ? ,we said that he got glitched out of the game , he is gone we made our mind and let it be. 4 real days later , the message came that my rex died ..it was so sad , that he survived that much time alone , and we had time to rescue . RIP

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