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I was trying to tame a 140 by the swamp but I ran out of arrows just as it was high torpor running. I was super frustrated and went back to base to make more arrows. (I didn’t have rifle and darts yet.) When I came back, the rex was balls deep in the swamp running around. I kept trying to tranq it but I kept getting attacked by sarcos and titanoboas. I followed it around on my ptera as it ran around the swamp. It finally got out of the swamp after literally a half an hour, and I finally knocked it. I was taming it and then a microraptor came out of nowhere and attacked me. I was like β€œok i’ll just whistle my ptera to kill it. At least it didnt hit the rex.” then as my ptera was fighting the microraptor, the microraptor hit a BRONTO. THE BRONTO JOINED THE FIGHT SWINGING ITS TAIL AT MY PTERA AND THE MICRORAPTOR, BUT IT WAS HITTING THE REX THE WHOLE TIME. To make a long story short, the rex was tamed with a taming effectiveness of 59%, and since it loves the swamp, I named him Shrek.

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