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This thing is the best PVE creature hands down, people like to think because it doesn't have a saddle, it must not be that good, however they fail to realize just how strong a reaper's natural armor is. By itself the reaper king resists 70% percent of all damage. This increases to about 83% with the full imprint buff. That is better than most asc. saddles. Also like the giga, a reaper gains more health from imprinting than most creatures. Example, a 150 reaper embrio plus the 75 levels typically comes out with around 10k to 14k health but easily eclipses 20k with full imprint alone. Their base damage is 75, which is higher than the rex's 55 making them no pushover with dps either. The spin attack, while doing less damage than the bite, ignores armor. And that's not even mentioning a reapers insane mobility. They can jump insanely high, take little to no fall damage from any height,

and sprint fast with minimal stamina drain.

The Reaper king, a Jack of all Trades, Master of All.

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