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They travel in packs, they have bleeding damage and highest level is alpha.

When they attack they also jump, making it difficult to kill.

If you are a low level and see one by itself, bola and shoot for the head with tranqs to tame. Beware, they torpidity goes down slow so one bola won't be enough. Either have another bola ready after a few shots or be ready to chase this beast and most likely die by other dangers around.

If you are at a decent level, build a trap, make them chase you and kill the lowest level ones so you can tame the highest one.(Good Luck)

They have good stamina, high weight and decent health & damage. I would suggest leveling up Health and Damage.

If you get a pack of low levels and level up those two stats they'll put up a good fight, specially whichever gets the alpha boost. Make sure you get a female and male at least to get an extra little boost as well.

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