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Easiest and safe way to tame the ravager is to have a trap. A stone trap with 2x2 in a square and 2 walls high. (They can jump) or make a 10x10 and 3 walls high. And stairs to lead them up. (A multi trap. Can hold anything up to a bronto.)

Get the ravagers attention. Either with a really good strong tame that can take the ravagers attack. Especially the bleed attack. Like a good thyla. Or use a flyer. I use snow owl mostly. Or a wyvern. They don't agro to wyverns so you beed to be close to the ravagers and face your wyvern to the direction of the trap. Unmount the wyvern. When the ravagers agro, mount your wyvern and run. (Not fly) with the wyvern to the trap. When the ravagers are in the trap fly of fast. Land and start tranqing the ravagers. Do not tranq the alpha first. Tranq all the others first. When they are sleeping the alpha looses the pack bonus and he/she will tranq out faster the if the pack bonus is on. Hope it was helpful. Sorry for any mistakes, english isn't my first language

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