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So this is Utahraptor.

Not enough raptors, we need Dromaeosaurus, Pyroraptor, and Dakotaraptor. These variants are rarer, a tiny bit less strong, and smaller except the Dakotaraptor, although I want them to have unique abilities. Dromaeosaurus should have a β€œlatch on” ability, Pyroraptor should breath and light up a flammable gas to make it look like it’s breathing fire, and Dakotaraptor should be more cautious, curious, and patient than our regular Utahraptor, as it is big as the Utahraptor.

Dromaeosaurus = Small

Pyroraptor = A little bit smaller than Utahraptor (Rideable)

Dakotaraptor = Bigger as Utahraptor (Rideable)

Up if you want these to be added!

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