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The raptor, fast, deadly, commonish, it's easy to knock out yet harder to maintain it, you gotta feed it about a stack of meat (raw) each day and it will last or spoil, but it's more than worth it, tips: wild; use Bola then use tranqs or your fists, tamed; one stack meat per day will last, but nothing wrong getting more!, if you change dino add per level in settings on the host/local in advanced, you can make it like 500 hp add and it'll be almost tougher than a giga, if you do 33006 hp 45330 Stam 45000 food 50000 weight 300 speed 680 dmg you will be able to fight a giga with that thing. Good luck taming though! They hunt in pairs like 2-5, if you find a lone one it's most likely alpha as they come in 1's, and sometimes a pack has one alpha even, so good luck! Hope you get that op raptor! Up if it was helpful!

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