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Utility Roles for Raptor:

1. Long range Scout: Raptors, due to their speed and pack buff, make great scouts if you can get more than 2. The only creature in the early-game that outclasses it in scouting is the Ptera, which can fly so has a distinct advantage (level Health and Movement Speed).

2. Light Cavalry Brigade: PvP servers only. Raptors have a very weird hitbox. By my investigations it seems that they can have either a big hitbox or a small hitbox. Regardless, a pack of these can be used to soften up the regular defenses of a base on PvP while your tankier tames soak up the turrets. Obviously combined with armor from saddles they are a force to be reckoned with (level Health and Melee).

3. Storage? Yep, the Raptor can make a very good storage box for meat, since most carnivores give meat a longer spoil time. But I like to use the Raptor for collecting spoiled meat to make narcotics (level weight if you want...meat doesn't weigh that much lol).

4. Attack Dogs. A pack of Raptors is vicious. I'm sure we all have stories of how we first encountered these things and were torn to shreds by them in the early game. If you can harness that power for yourself, you are a force to be reckoned with because of their high DPS! (level Melee Damage and a little Health).

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