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Raptor Taming List(in tiers):

Regular Tier (Levels 1, 10 and so on and so fourth):

Easy. Someone about the same level with its exact same health just a little faster than it can do it. Protect it well though, because one wrong move and your little friend is… well, inside something elses stomach, probably.

Requires: Bola, at least 10% more speed than the raptor itself, and a club or slingshot with rocks

Medium Tier (Levels 30, 50 and onwards)

You probably broke a sweat, because this one’s torpor capacity was a little higher, and it probably almost got out of that fancy bola of yours! This one’s also a toughie though, considering the slightly higher level.

Requirements: Same as regular, with slightly higher health this time and 30% faster in the event that it breaks out of the bola and you cant land the final tranq

Experienced/High Tier(Levels 70/80, 100 and onwards)

Hopefully you know what you’re doing, because that could’ve gone WAY worse. More torpor, more melee, more health, more problems until tamed.

Requirements: Ascendant Bow, as torpor scales with damage dealt. Bola as usual, bio toxin, and toxicant arrows if possible. Clubs will no longer cut it, much less slingshots.

DAAAAYUM Tier(Levels 200-250, 300 and onwards): High level raptors are like new cars; they last a long time and under the right care are ready whenever you need them, but are also somewhat pricy (resource wise) to tame.

Requirements: Same as experienced/high level tier, with the exception that toxicant arrows should be much more preferrable despite how long it takes to craft/obtain them.

Mastercraft Tier (levels 400 and onwards until 500): Whoa. The raptor you just tamed is armed to absolute TEETH. Better get an Ascendant saddle for it, since for whatever reason Ascendant is better than Mastercraft, which is odd. Also don’t- HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING DON’T POUNCE M—

Requirements: Same as the other 2 tiers (before this one).

Champion Tier(Eerie Raptor, Especially higher levels)

This one didn’t come easy, lemme tell ‘yah. After all, it wasn’t the easy things that got you to the point of earning this one… IT WAS THE ONES THAT FELT NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE! But alas, you survived the dungeon, did the deed, and now you have a raptor of a rare breed.

Requirements: These arent for just anyone. You must survive the dungeons or you cannot take the implant with, meaning that rather than just one more tame, this raptor, as well as any other creature with the “Eerie Effect” is to be treated as a “living trophy” of sorts. Only the worthy survivors will ever get this. So sorry folks, but until you can survive a dungeon, these creatures are outta your league. If you can survive the dungeons however, the rest of the procedure is simply revival, and which-ever procedure corresponds to its tier/level.

“Rare Gem” Tier: While breeding, you hatched a raptor that looks absolutely INSANE! Raptors of this color scheme cannot be found naturally, so you have found quite the prize. Keep an eye on it for now though; as this one’s gonna be hungry for a while and wants some attention.

Requirements: Breed 2 pre-existing raptors of opposite gender, and hatch an egg. If the parents already came from breeding to begin with, especially mutliple generations of breeding, you’ll probably have a higher chance of getting something amazing.

There. Every type of raptor that you can possibly obtain. Thanks for the read.

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