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ok so i bred two of my beloved raptors together (Watermelon and Grape), the egg soon hatched and out popped a baby red female raptor! she looked like her mother more than her father (which is green). i named her Passionfruit (or just Passion for short) and was building my raptor army, she was about adolescent when i saw this similiar-looking, small raptor near our โ€œ base โ€œ (the quotations are because a enraged, psychotic triceratops had smashed through my small thatch house, so its pretty much just a ring of storage boxes surrounded by raptors). i approached it, careful but suspicious since it was smaller than an adult raptor but just in case, i equipped my bow. upon c l o s e r inspection, i realise this is pretty much an exact replica of Passion, expect a male, it was also labelled an adolescent, i claim it, and compared it to Passion, exactly the same, even the exact same growth meter. i thought it the game had somehow duplicated Passion and just had this random raptor be a male and spawn and then wander to my base. then i realised

O H W A I T,


(iโ€™m semi-new to the game, so i only recently found out u could have twins/triplets), but my guess is dat when Passion hatched (i was exploring with Watermelon), i returned and missed her hatching, and saw her wandering near my base (before it was utterly destroyed), claimed her and yadadada, since i missed her hatching, i never saw her actually hatch, i assumed there was only one, when there was another who was nearby that i never noticed and grew to adolescent before i found him and claimed him. a pleasant surprise that i didnt expect

theyโ€™re currently full grown now, fierce and ready to train, i started a world where i would only tame raptors and have an entire raptor pack, so theyโ€™re the first hatchlings. the male doesnโ€™t have a name yet, but thx for reading if u managed to ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ’™

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