1. Craft bola, bow (it would be very helpful if you already had one)/wooden club, tranq arrows (if using bow)

2. Kill some stuff and get about 30 meat

3. Find a raptor (no pack or youโ€™ll end up getting eaten)

4. Go sort of far away, but close enough to get its attention

5. While itโ€™s running at you, throw bola

6. Go behind it (so it canโ€™t claw you in the front) and hit it with club or shoot with tranq arrows (more efficient)

7. Put meat in inventory and hunt nearest weak animals/dinos in case meat runs out

Note: check inventory every some time

8. Wait

9. Name your raptor

10. Hunt and enjoy while it lasts

Note: if you get very attached, donโ€™t let it by a therzinosaur

I hope this was helpful. If you put down, like my other ones, then you are rude. I hope that those who are scared of these beasts (frankly, you should be, but therzinosaurs and rexes and carnos are scarier) become less scared of them and start making them useful (but sometimes they collect too much meat!).

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