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How to tame:

1. Craft bolas, a wooden club, and/or a bow and tranq arrows

2. Find a raptor (if you’re new, preferably alone)

3. Throw bola, but keep your distance

4. Get behind it and knock out (so it can’t hit you)

5. Put raw meat in inventory (you may need to get more)

6. Protect it and view its inventory to see how much meat is left

7. Enjoy this new and powerful pet of yours

I think you should get 12 raptor claws, 20 raptor scales, 10 raptor teeth, and 5 raptor feathers.

Recipe ideas:

Raptor claw gloves:

40 fiber

10 thatch

5 wood

6 raptor claws

20 raptor scales

30 hide

Quantity: 1

Indian Headdress:

20 fiber

100 thatch

50 wood

100 raptor feathers

20 hide

Quantity: 1


Note: this is for your tames in ‘costumes’ to make it so their attack is up 15% and their speed is up 30%

50 raptor teeth

20 wood

100 fiber

10 thatch

250 hide

Quantity: 1

Up if good idea

How to make your pet be very powerful:

1. Start by making your raptor kill 5 dodos

2. Make it kill 10 lystros

3. Make it kill 1 moshops

4. Make it kill 5 iguanadon (skip this step if none in area)

5. Make it kill 3 carboneys

6. Make it kill 5 trikes

7. Make it kill 2 raptors

8. Make it kill 1 carno

9. Make it kill a diplo

10. Make it kill 1 Rex

11. Make it kill a sarco/alpha raptor

Level it up health and melee attack only, sometimes weight, and you’ve got a literal hunting and killing machine. I suggest crafting a saddle. Also, create a pack of tames. They can be raptors or other dinos on the Island that are available to you. I have two raptors, a trike, two carboneys, a parasaur, two dilos, and two pachys. Create a tribe of tames and roam your land.

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