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How to get a raptor easy

Step one craft 2 or 3 bola(you technically only need one but the extra is Incase you miss or there are more near).

Step two get your traq method of choice and knock them out just a warning if your too close to the raptor they can still melee you so I suggest using bow + traq arrows slingshot will work too tho

Step three give the raptor 20 meat or so

Step four (optional) if you are playing console (Xbox, playstation pc) then you can open your inventory and there's a tab where you can track all taming going on in your tribe it has a claw mark with a plus to get there press pause(Xbox and playstation) five times or click the icon(pc) and then press the creature you want to track in this case it's the raptor and this menu will show you the hp how close it's too waking up and food

Step five enjoy your new raptor

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